Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Powder | Caltron Clays


Caltron’s Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Powder Food Grade effectively targets a wide range of harmful toxins that may enter the body:

– Bacteria
– Parasites
– Fungi
– Protozoa
– Viruses (including poliovirus)
– Endotoxins
– Pesticide and drug residues
– E-Coli
– Heavy Metals (including methyl mercury)
– Proteinaceous toxins produced by certain intestinal infections

DE possesses unique properties that enable it to address these harmful elements:

1.Negative Charge:

DE, being a semi-conductive mineral, becomes negatively charged when warmed by body heat, emitting electrons. These negatively charged ions and individual shells act as magnets, attracting and absorbing positively charged substances such as bad microbes, free radicals, and other toxins. This allows DE to trap and excrete harmful substances from the body.

2.Threefold action:

When ingested, DE works in three main ways –
It attracts and absorbs a variety of toxins, bacteria, fungi, viruses, heavy metals, and proteinaceous toxins as it moves through the digestive tract. These substances are then safely eliminated from the body. Larger parasites in the digestive tract may also be neutralized by DE’s sharp edges.
A small amount of DE is absorbed into the bloodstream as silica, which helps destroy bad fats, lowers cholesterol levels, and may decrease high blood pressure.

DE’s abrasive nature gently scrubs the walls of the intestines, removing mucus and molds. This promotes regular bowel movements and maintains a healthy colon, reducing the risk of conditions like polyps, cancers, and ulcers.

The intake of silica through DE offers numerous health benefits, including lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and healthier joints, skin, hair, teeth, and nails. DE serves as an inexpensive and natural source of silica, which may be lacking in modern diets due to depleted soils and hybrid crops.

In summary, Caltron’s Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Powder provides a multifaceted approach to improving overall health and well-being by eliminating toxins, promoting digestive health, and supporting various bodily functions.

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