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Caltron’s MCHC Powder Ossein


Caltron’s MCHC Powder Ossein Mineral Complex offers a nutritional solution for preventing bone loss and restoring bone density, with proven efficacy in alleviating osteoporosis-related pain. This complex formulation comprises a blend of trace minerals, collagen, and hydroxyapatite in a unique physiological ratio, ensuring optimal bone health benefits.

Composition and Structure of MCHC powder:

The MCHC Powder is composed of a variety of trace minerals, collagen, and hydroxyapatite, combined in a physiological ratio of 2:1 within a specialized matrix structure. This unique formulation is designed to retain the natural form and proportions of its components, promoting enhanced efficacy and absorption.

Molecular Formula and Manufacturing Process:

The molecular formula of MCHC is 3Ca3(PO4)2 Ca(OH)2, reflecting its composition of calcium phosphate and hydroxide. Caltron’s MCHC Powder is manufactured using a meticulous process to preserve the integrity of its components, ensuring optimal bioavailability and physiological benefits.

Enhanced Calcium Absorption:

The microcrystalline structure of Caltron’s MCHC Powder facilitates improved calcium absorption by providing a large surface area for mineral release in the intestine. This innovative formulation promotes efficient utilization of calcium, essential for maintaining bone strength and density.

Importance of Collagen:

Collagen, a fibrous protein comprising 90-95% of the organic mineral in bone, plays a crucial role in providing bone strength and flexibility. Caltron’s MCHC Powder contains over 50% hydroxyapatite, a calcium-phosphorus compound essential for bone health, confirming its efficacy in supporting bone structure and function.

X-ray Diffraction Studies:

X-ray diffraction studies have confirmed the presence of hydroxyapatite and the microcrystalline nature of the salt in Caltron’s MCHC Powder. This scientific validation reinforces its efficacy and reliability in promoting optimal bone health and density.


Caltron’s MCHC Powder Ossein Mineral Complex offers a comprehensive solution for maintaining and enhancing bone health. With its carefully crafted formulation, proven efficacy, and scientific validation, it stands as a trusted choice for individuals seeking to support their bone health and alleviate osteoporosis-related symptoms. Read more

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