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Calcium Carbonate Heavy Powder

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Discover Caltron’s Calcium Carbonate Powder (SANCAL XH – FORTE), specifically engineered with extra heavy bulk density to meet the demands of soft gel capsule manufacturing. Trusted by pharmaceutical companies worldwide, it undergoes meticulous processing and stringent quality control to ensure suitability for pharmaceutical use.

Key Features:

Ideal for Soft Gel Capsules: Designed with extra heavy bulk density, making it the perfect choice for soft gel capsule production.
Trusted Supplier: Caltron supplies to leading pharmaceutical companies and exports to various countries, ensuring global accessibility.
Stringent Quality Control: Every batch undergoes thorough processing under stringent quality control measures to meet pharmaceutical standards.
Maintained Bulk Density: The critical criterion of bulk density is meticulously maintained to ensure consistency and efficacy in soft gel capsule manufacturing.

Physical Properties:

Nomenclature: Calcium Carbonate
Chemical Nomenclature: CaCO3
Appearance: Fine, White, Micronized Powder
Color: Super Snow White
Odor: Odorless

Experience the reliability and quality assurance of Caltron’s Calcium Carbonate (SANCAL XH – FORTE), the preferred choice for soft gel capsule manufacturers worldwide.

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