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Egg Shell Calcium Powder

Egg Shell Calcium Powder | Caltron Clays

Caltron’s Egg Shell Calcium Powder

Caltron has introduced a new product called Egg Shell Calcium Powder, which is made from high-quality eggshells sourced from reputable layer farms. The eggshells undergo strict washing and heating processes to eliminate any microbial contamination, ensuring the purity of the final product.

Eggshells are a natural source of calcium that dissolve in acidic environments, such as the stomach, allowing for maximum absorption of elemental calcium into the bloodstream. The composition of eggshells is approximately 98.2% calcium carbonate, 0.9% magnesium, and 0.9% phosphorous (phosphate), which closely resembles the composition of bones and teeth.

Surprisingly, one medium-sized eggshell can produce about one teaspoon of powder, providing approximately 750-800 mg of elemental calcium. This calcium supplementation is especially important for individuals with osteoporosis, who need 400-500 mg of calcium daily to supplement their dietary intake.

Calcium is a vital component of strong bones and teeth, with 99% of the body’s calcium stored in these structures. The remaining 1% supports essential bodily functions such as blood pressure regulation and heart rhythm maintenance. The calcium in our bones acts as a “bone bank,” emphasizing its importance in overall health and well-being.

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