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Introduction to Caltron’s Algae Calcium Powder

Caltron, a premier manufacturer in India, presents “AL-g-CAL,” a high-quality Algae Calcium Powder. Crafted meticulously to compete globally, it undergoes stringent quality checks from sourcing to production, ensuring authenticity.

Expertise and Development

With over two decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Caltron’s continuous research has led to the development of this exceptional Algae Calcium Powder sourced from pristine waters of the Far East Asian region.

Two Grades for Diverse Benefits

Caltron offers two grades: Lithothamnion Calcareum (Rhodophyta) and Chlorophyta, each with unique advantages and characteristics, sourced from the finest algae seaweeds.

Lithothamnion Calcareum (Rhodophyta)

Derived from the calcified Litahothamnion Calcareum seaweed, this grade boasts a high calcium content (NLT 35%) along with essential trace minerals, ensuring optimal bone health.


Obtained from Chlorophyta seaweed, this grade is rich in calcium and 74 trace minerals, offering rare nutritional benefits compared to other algae species.

Why Choose Algae Calcium

Algae Calcium, also known as plant or seaweed calcium, is a natural, vegan-friendly source. Its highly fibrous nature aids in efficient calcium absorption without the risk of kidney stones associated with synthetic sources. Approved by VEGAN AUTHORITY, it ensures maximum bioavailability for better bone mineralization, alongside magnesium and trace minerals.

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