Calcium Oxide &Calcium Hydroxide Pre-Treated with heated Algae

Calcium oxide and calcium hydroxide pre-treated  with heated algae

Algae Calcium | Caltron Clays

Unique Calcium Formulation:

IgniCAL presents a novel approach to calcium supplementation. By subjecting oyster shells to intense heat at 800°C, the chemical composition transforms from calcium carbonate to calcium hydroxide and calcium oxide. This process effectively eliminates heavy metal contaminants commonly found in oyster shells.

High Absorption and Purity:

The resulting calcium product boasts exceptionally high absorbability, meeting the body’s daily calcium requirements while promoting healthy bone density. The rigorous heating process ensures purity and safety for consumption.

Enriched with Phaeophyta Algae:

To further enhance its nutritional profile, the super-heated calcium powder is enriched with Phaeophyta algae. Renowned for their abundance in trace elements and superior absorption capabilities, these algae complement the calcium compound, providing a comprehensive array of essential nutrients for the body.

Experience the benefits of IgniCAL, a cutting-edge calcium supplement crafted to optimize absorption and support overall health and well-being.

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