Calcium Carbonate Flakes

Calcium Carbonate Flakes (Fine, Medium Coarse)

Calcium Carbonate Flakes | Caltron Clays

Caltron’s Calcium Carbonate Flakes (Fine, Medium, Coarse)

Introducing FLAKY-CAL by Caltronclays—a revolutionary product tailored to meet the stringent demands of the Oil & Gas Drilling Industry. Engineered to combat seepage circulation losses effectively, our Flaked Calcium Carbonate (FLAKY-CAL) seamlessly integrates with various drilling fluids. Available in three distinct grades—Fine, Medium, and Coarse—each grade serves a specific purpose.

The Fine grade excels in controlling seepage loss, while the Coarse grade is designed to tackle severe mud losses in porous or fractured formations. With an impressive solubility rate of 99.99% in 10-15% HCl acid, FLAKY-CAL stands out as a premier additive for drilling fluids operating in the producing zone. It’s acid solubility not only safeguards producing sands but also facilitates completion operations during production.

Versatile and adaptable, FLAKY-CAL is suitable for use in water, synthetic, and oil-based drilling fluids. Its non-hygroscopic nature and neutral pH play pivotal roles in controlling seepage and losses in coarsely permeable zones, as well as addressing issues arising from inadequate cement jobs or induced/existing fractures. Furthermore, its alkaline pH aids in reducing the acid content within the well, ensuring optimal conditions.

FLAKY-CAL by Caltron excels across a wide spectrum of fluid systems, enhancing rheology, and promoting emulsion stability. Packaged conveniently in 50 lbs paper bags on pallets, it offers both ease of handling and storage. Rely on FLAKY-CAL to deliver unparalleled performance, ensuring efficient drilling operations with minimized losses and heightened productivity.

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